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                        This program is typically for DUI/DWI offenders.

                                                                        NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME

Note: If you are interested in a 3 hour alcohol ed class, now called Safe and Sober, required for those with an international license, please call  301-791-7676.  Cost is $100 and by appointment.


In the near future, WIDMYER DRIVING SCHOOL plans to again offer the approved 12 hour Alcohol Education Class and assessments. We are client friendly and confident that you will find that our costs are more reasonable than other providers.


Prior to beginning the class you need an assessment completed. The assessment determines if a DUI/DWI offender should be referred to a 12 hour alcohol education program which is for those assessed as "social drinkers"  or if the client is assessed as a problem drinker they are referred to a treatment program." Cost of the assessment will be posted here.


The 12 hour alcohol education class, for those assessed as "social drinkers", meets for 2 hours per week for 6 weeks. You may start any week. If you are Court or State ordered to do this then you must have an assessment done and provide any referral papers.

If you elect to take the course voluntarily, no referral or assessment may be required.


Not available at this time.


All client information is considered private.


Program not available at this time.