Widmyer Driving School 1-888-980-8880 (Toll Free)

Location: Carroll County

Best  Western N/A

451 WMC  Drive

Westminster, Md.

Phone: 301-791-7676 

Classes Offered

No classes offered here at this time. Please go to Frederick location for Driver Education or Driver Improvemnt.

Registration is completed on this website or by phone.

Testing Dates for Online DIP Students

$50-No online quiz date offered here at this time. Please select Online DIP Students Select Quiz Date from the menu to the left to view and select your quiz date or call us. You may take your quiz at any of our locations.


New map and directions to the Best Western will be posted soon.

Print these directions. Please do not call the school for directions on the the day of your appointment. This is a branch classroom. All registrations are by phone or on this website.