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Driver Education

This 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of driving is required for all new drivers in Maryland.

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You have to be 15 years old to take Driver Ed.

You have to be 15 and 9 months to get a Learners Permit.

Learner's Permit is required for the driving part of Driver Education.

Learner's Permit is not required to begin the classroom.

All the driving is usually not completed during the 2 weeks of class.

The driving with the instructor is done in a timely manner.

100% attendance is required by the State of Maryland.

$15 fee applies to making-up a missed class.

Bring pen, paper and permit if you have one.

A workbook is provided.

A minimum number of paid enrollments is required for a class to be held.

If a course is not held, all payments will be fully refunded.

This rarely happens.



Advance Pay Classes

These classes usually fill and require an advance payment to confirm your place in class.

If an advance payment is required, it's noted under the class date that you selected.

If an advance payment is not required, it's still welcome and highly recommended.

Non-Advance Pay Classes

Cash or check payments are accepted the first day.

Credit card payments must be made online or over the phone at 301-791-7676.

Our instructors do not take credit card payments in person.

$20 fee applies if not paid in full by the first day.



1. Online -You may pay online immediately after you register.

                 -Any later credit card payment must be done by phone.

                 -Instructors do not accept credit card payments.

2. Call our office at 301-791-7676 to pay by credit or debit card card during office hours.

3. Mail a check or money order to our Main Office in Hagerstown.

                   -Please include student information and class date.

                   -Send to: WIDMYER DRIVING SCHOOL- MAIN OFFICE

                                    162 W. WASHINGTON ST.

                                    HAGERSTOWN, MD. 21740    

NOTE: Class withdraws: Prior to the first day, a $25 fee applies.

After the first day, $50 fee and the student receives a pro-rated refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a Maryland Driver's License?

  1. Pass the MVA written law test and vision test to obtain a Learners Permit.
  2. Complete a Driver Education course from Widmyer Driving School. (Driver Education is not required to obtain a Learners Permit).
  3. Under 18, keep the Learners Permit for at least 9 months and log at least 60 hours of behind-the-wheel practice time with a mentor. Different requirements for over 18.
  4. Pass the MVA on-road driving exam (appointment required) to obtain a Provisional License  We can take you to the MVA for this driving test in Cumberland, Hagerstown Frederick and Salisbury..
  5. Hold the Provisional License for 18 months violation free, then convert to a full license.

How much does it cost to obtain a Learners Permit?

     $50 and it is obtained at the MVA.

I am over 18 years old. Do I still need to take Driver Education?

     Yes, all new drivers in Maryland must complete Driver Education.

What does the Driver Education course include?

     Our MVA approved program includes 30 hours of classroom instruction;

     and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a certified instructor.

     Class includes: powerpoint, lecture, videos, workbooks, activites, and quizes.

How are the behind-the-wheel sessions scheduled?

The 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training are usually broken down into 3 appointments of 2 hours. Often the scheduling is done when the instructors see the student in the classroom. We try to accommodate student's and efficiently complete all students. Note that the driving is not completed during the 2 week class period.

Do you pick up students for Driver Education?

Our staff does not pick up for the classroom portion of the Driver Education course. We MAY be able to pick up a student for their behind-the-wheel appointments if they are within 10 minutes from our school. However, there are no guarantees. The ultimate decision lies with the instructor and his need to be on time to meet his next student.

Are there any discounts available?

If so, they are usually on our "Facebook" page. Please note that our prices are already more affordable than most schools.

What happens if I miss a class?

The MVA requires 100% attendance. You cannot miss the first day for any reason. If you miss a class, you must make it up and pay $15.00. If you miss more than 4 classroom sessions, you will be required to repeat the course. You may repeat the class for a discounted fee of $75 plus any balance due. If you miss a driving appointment, the charge $40 to cover the instructor cost..

Driving is not completed until all classes are made up and balances are paid.

I lost my Driver Education certificate. Can I get a replacement certificate?

Certificates are no longer issued. Beginning in '09, student completions have been electronically submitted to the MVA and they will have a record of your completion. For any student completing before '09, there is no record of your completion and you will have to re-take the class. By law, all records are only retained for 3 years.

Do you offer private lessons and can your car be used for the test?

Yes, 1.5 hours of practice on whatever you need, the cost is $90.

Use of our car for the MVA test, the cost is $90.

Use of our car for the MVA test w/ some practice, the cost is $120

Payment must be made in advance.  We accept credit card and debit card payments by phone.